It is our vocation to guide every anointed musician and singer throughout the recording process, and help them deliver at the best of their potential. In the environment of the patient love of Christ, our clients always relax and give their all.


We take song and music ideas, capture the vision, and prayerfully translate them into the audible world. We build them from the ground up using our musical instruments and digital gear, in relationship with the Holy Spirit.


In this phase of music development, we refine the recording and production process, making sure melody is spot on, rhythm is tight, and every single track sounds neat, and mixing ready.


When music production is accomplished, we take a deeper look at the three-dimensional image of the track, and make sure it sounds as high, as wide and as deep as is fitting for it, in every frequency range.


This is the final phase before release. We take the mixed track and sculpt it as a whole. It’s time to ensure that it sonically meets commercial standards and it’s ready to play on just about any electronic device and media platform.

Want to produce the songs that God has laid on your heart? Please contact us. We would love to be the Lord’s agents to see them come to life.

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