Starting from 2019, we are thrilled to take charge of the visual aspect of the music we produce.
We understand that the visual presentation of music in our day and age is just as important as the audio aspect, and it has never been made more accessible than in our time. If we can be filled and anointed with God’s creative power, we can produce visuals that express the reality of Christ in our lives, and this in unprecedented ways.

It is our mission to give a visual platform to new Christian singers and musicians in Malta, to the existing and upcoming generation of worship leaders, thus paving the way for a historic Christian music revolution on the island. For the first time ever in our country, we will see an apostolic commission of gifted artists of all ages and of diverse musical genres, united in the Spirit of God to usher in an end-time cultural shift that will see thousands of souls transformed by the person of Jesus Christ.

If you're looking to create your next music video and don't know where to start, contact us.

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