Releasing the sound of heaven on earth

``He does it, time and time again. God uses the small and little to achieve His great plans.``

—Matthew Grech and Stevey Ellul Bonici,
Royal Seed Music Co-Founders


Royal Seed Music is based in the archipelago Republic of Malta, where family and community are living realities. Reality has hit us—2,000 years after the ascension of Jesus Christ, Malta still does not have its' own Christian music industry.

We desire to see an apostolic commission of gifted artists of all ages and of diverse musical genres, united in the Spirit of God to usher in an end-time cultural shift that will see thousands of souls transformed by the person of Jesus Christ.

A heavenly fire kindles in our hearts. We desperately want Jesus to come back to a thriving Christian music culture in Malta, Europe and the whole world—where the word of God is exalted, the gospel is boldly proclaimed, and the name of Jesus is lifted up.


It is our mission to see the members of the body of Christ releasing the sound of heaven through music. We believe in the power of music and using it as a means of worshiping God and bringing Him glory.

•We have a skillful way of guiding all our artists in a direction which we foresee would be very fruitful for them.
•We write and produce Christian music in various languages, teach instruments, develop artists and host events for the acts we work with.
•We equip the next generation army of musicians and singers for this end-time spiritual battle—in the spirit of authentic artistry and excellence.
•We give a visual platform to new Christian singers and musicians in Malta, to the existing and upcoming generation of worship leaders, thus paving the way for a historic Christian music revolution on the island.

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